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Last week our dad visited Asuncion Ixtaltepec community once again.  He presented the town our plans for building provisional housing.  The town is beyond grateful and their hearts are filled with hope once again.  It is truly a beautiful thing to watch. 

Our dad broke ground on the first homes this weekend. Because of the Isthmus tropical weather conditions, homes will be made of wood and palm.  The community has come together to rebuilt their town.  There will be a group of us heading to Oaxaca from October 11th- October 17th to volunteer and aid my dad in rebuilding Asuncion Ixtaltepec.  We are very grateful for every single one who has personally reached out and offered your help.  THANK YOU!  It's going to be an incredible group of volunteers.  Make sure to come back to our blog for updates and more pictures of our efforts.  

We'd like to give a special thanks to Mezcal EL Silencio and all of our early donors from our YouCaring page

photography by: @elfredyrubio

Bricia Lopez